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Joe Courtney
Joe Courtney
Experienced Systems Engineer with 7 years in the IT industry, specializing in automation and cloud technologies. B.Sc. and M.Sc. in Information Technology. Expertise in Terraform, Python, and Azure with a focus on modular development. Proven track record as an independently motivated and highly productive remote worker. Currently employed at Dick’s Sporting Goods as a Systems Engineer where I work on a team that develops standardized modular cloud solutions. Seeking opportunities to grow as a leader in driving organizational agility and innovation through the adoption of cloud-native technologies.
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Hi Everyone,

My name is Joe courtney and I am a Systems Engineer from Massachusetts. I currently work for Dick’s Sporting Goods as a Cloud Engineer where I am the work on a team that develops modular cloud infrastructure in Azure.

In my current role, I wear multiple hats. From orchestrating the development, testing, and deployment of DSG’s Azure Terraform modules to creating self-service developer templates using backstage and Github actions. My niche is automating everything identity, security, and infrastructure with a focus on Microsoft and RedHat products and services.

I am in the process of honing my programming skills in Golang so I can contribute to open-sourced projects like the azurerm terraform provider but I am just at the beginning of that journey. In the meantime, I will be creating semi-regular blog posts on advanced topics regarding Azure, Terraform, and DevOps…mostly for my own personal records.

If you happen to find yourself on this site, I hope you can gain a little insight into whatever IT nonsense I decide to write about.

- Joe Courtney
Cloud Engineer @ Dick’s Sporting Goods

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