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How create an Nginx Docker image from a Hugo static site using AWS CodeBuild
·3578 words·17 mins
AWS Hugo Golang CodeBuild Docker Devops
In this article, I will go over the basic principles of building a Docker image using AWS Codebuild. I will be using Hugo, an open-sourced static site generator written in Golang, to create a demo blog.
FastAPI Kubernetes infratructure with Terraform deployment
·2517 words·12 mins
Kubernetes Docker Terraform React Python FastAPI Uvicorn
The backend of this project is written in Python using the FastAPI framework and runs on the official python:3.10.7-slim-bullseye Docker image. The frontend of my project is written in JavaScript using the React JS and Tailwind CSS frameworks.
Azure N-tier Application
·3328 words·16 mins
Azure Kubernetes Docker Terraform AKS Flask Python
For this project, I deployed a frontend Flask application running on two Azure Container Instances load balanced by an application gateway. The frontend app makes REST API calls to the backend API which is running on an AKS cluster.